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This site was created to preserve the rich history of freestyle disc, also known as freestyle frisbee. With such a complex and rich history, it is impossible to accurately capture the exact nature of what transpired. Regardless, this is an effort to at least come as close as possible towards that end.
The Decade Awards started as an annual ‘Skippy Sez’ article, written by Skippy Jammer (HOF Class of 2018), with input from others. Originally those posts were intended to amuse and celebrate some of the highlights from a previous year. But it soon became clear that the need for formal awards was actually quite great, giving the rewards some credibility. With the turn of the decades from 1999 to 2000, the Decades list was created to celebrate winners in various categories. 
The Freestyle Disc Hall of Fame is a function of the Freestyle Players Association and is the culmination of considerable efforts by the Hall of Fame Chair and Committee. It is split up into ‘waves’ to separate the generations of players.
Above all, these awards are intended to inspire discussions as well as bring focus and attention to all who have contributed so much to the sport and art form of freestyle disc.

FDHOF classes of 2016, 2018, 2020 and 2022

The top freestyle frisbee players worldwide, by decade

Lisa Hunrichs - Cindy Kruger Co-op

Lisa Hunrichs - Cindy St. Mary
Co-Op at FPA Worlds Italy (Seattle)

John "JJ" Jewell (San Diego)
(HOF Class of 2018)

Mehrdad Hosseinian (Berlin)

Pavel Baranyk (CZ) and James Wiseman (NYC)

Joey Hudoklin, the #1 player of all time (video by Z Weyand)

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