Freestyle Disc Top Players

2010-2019 Freestyle Disc Top Players (The Decades Awards)

The Decade of 2010-2019 was an era of two things. The European Jam scene finally coming into full flower with a maturity and application of skills yet untapped. And secondly, for the reinvention of the American scene with some tremendous champions who have pushed the game as complete masters of the craft of Freestyle Disc.

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Top Men's Player of the Decade: 2010s
James Wiseman (USA)

James Wiseman came on to the scene in 2009 and slowly developed his craft under the careful tutelage of the New York Jam Gurus. It’s been a long time coming but it was certainly worth the wait. The longer James has been playing, the better he has become. This last year saw him take his game to previously unforeseen territories. He is a complete virtuoso with the disc. And the amazing part is, he’s only going to get better.

Top Women's Player of the Decade: 2010s
Lisa Hunrichs (USA)

Lisa repeats as the Women’s Player of the Decade having won the same award for the 2000-2010 period. She actually improved, winning 11 Major Titles from 2010-2019. During this past decade she was simply dominant. Her 22 total Major Titles place her second behind Stacy (Anderson) McCarthy (24 total majors) on the all time Women’s List. She is without question one of the greatest Women’s players of all time.

Top Pairs Team - 2010s
Arthur Coddington &
Jake Gauthier (USA)

No team dominated the Open Pairs Division during the decade but the pairing of Arthur Coddington and Jake Gauthier was formidable. Arthur’s precision paired with Jake’s drive made them almost impossible to beat.

Top Pairs Routine - 2010s
James Wiseman (USA)
Mehrdad Hosseinian (GER)
FPAW20 Seattle, WA USA

In one of the most remarkable performances in history, James and ‘Graf Mordi’ went dropless in the FPAW19 finals. But more than that, they barely made a mistake during the routine. That performance set the bar so high that it will be almost impossible to beat. But then again, both of these two are continuing to prove. So it will be exciting to see what they do next.

Top Co-op Team 2010's
Florian Hess/Christian Lamred/Alex Leist (GER)

Remarkably, the only team that compares to the shredders from Karlsruhe are the legendary ‘Coloradicals’, hence the apt nickname, the ‘Karlsruhe-dicals’. The used complex Co-ops, risk/reward and subtle movements along with technical prowess to great effect, dominating the division during the 2016 and 2017 campaigns.

Top Co-op routine - 2010s
Florian Hess/Christian Lamred/Alex Leist (GER)
FPAW16 Brooklyn NY, USA

The stage was legendary New York City with the crowd filled with newly inducted Hall of Famers. The shredders from Karlsruhe completely wowed the crowd with a stunning performance winning the title in legendary fashion.

Top Women's Team - 2010s
Lisa Hunrichs & Cindy Kruger (USA)

Repeating as the top Women's Team of the decade. When paired together, there are no two better Women Freestylers than Lisa and Cindy. If they played more tournaments together their victory total would be nothing less than dominating.

Lisa Hunrichs - Cindy Kruger Co-op

Top Women's Routine - 2010s
Lisa Hunrichs/Emma Kahle (USA)
FPAW15 Karlsruhe, GER

On one hand you have a tour-de-force player at the top of her game in Lisa Hunrichs. And as a complement to that, you have a hungry up and coming turbo-shredder in Emma Kahle. The pairing was magical and they played a nearly flawless round to take home the title.

Top Mixed Team - 2010s
Lisa Hunrichs/Matt Gauthier (USA)

The Team of Lisa Hunrichs and Matt Gauthier are truly one of the most successful and remarkable Mixed Teams in history. Their laser focus and tremendous athleticism along with a stunning creativity make them a team for the ages.

Top Mixed Routine - 2010s
Emma Kahle/Daniel O'Neill (USA) World Urban Games Budapest HUN

For the first time in history, Freestyle Disc was shown live to a global audience at the inaugural World Urban Games in Budapest, Hungary. Emma and Daniel put together a highly visual routine set against Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. When Emma came down with the ending crash-and-burn gitis through Daniel’s hoop, the disc not only landed in her hand, it landed into history and the most significant catch in the history of Freestyle.

Most Influential Men's Player - 2010s
Paul Kenny (USA)

Paul Kenny’s longevity and influence on the game has sustained itself over an extended period of time. He was one of the first Americans to commit himself to going to Europe and helping to grow the sport there. It’s time he gets his due as a powerfully influential individual. And that’s just as a player. His work behind the scenes running the “Jammers” tournament in Jacksonville Beach, FLA. His continued guidance as the Executive Director of the FPA, and his work with WFDF on presenting Freestyle at the World Urban Games in Budapest had a strong influence on Freestyl

Most Influential Women's Player 2010's - Lori Daniels (USA)

Lori’s long and illustrious career has impacted Freestyle play in the Women’s division in many ways. She always leads by example with strong routines that compliment her partners. Her patience with new players is legendary, serving as a critical bridge for beginning women jammers who are often intimidated. She has also served a critical need as a lead administrator and event organizer. 

Most Innovative Player - 2010s Pavel Baranyk (CZE/USA)

Pavel’s game is so complex and intricate. He’s mastered all of the basics but due to his fully imaginative approach to jamming he’s brought the ‘Wiper’ game into full blossom. He is a master of touch and nuance and is equally at home in the gym as he is on a beach with a strong wind.

Most Innovative Women's Player
Juliana Korver (USA)

The crossover athlete from Disc Golf and Overall has made an immediate and powerful impression on the game of Freestyle in her short time competing. But her expansive imagination and the drive that made her a legend in the other disciplines has been well applied as she carefully ticks off one new move after another.

Top Beach / Wind Player - 2010s
Tommy "Lightning" Leitner (USA/ITA)

Tommy "Lightning" Leitner has elevated his game overtime and has now placed himself as the greatest Wind/Beach player of all time. He is simply a power of nature when he's on the beach with a strong wind. There will never be another one like him.

Top Women's Beach/Wind Player - 2010's
Amy Schiller (USA)

This recognition is long overdue. Amy has been turbo her entire life. She grinds with the best of them and rarely has an off day. She is also an elite level athlete that dominated in Disc Golf and Overall formats. But her Freestyle game is as pure as the day is long. And her Beach Game may be as good as any woman ever. 

Top Athlete Men's - 2010s
Daniel O'Neill (USA)

The dynamic poster boy of shred. Daniel is poetry in motion. Each move and catch he performs looks as though it was perfectly scripted. He is also a study in deep concentration. His entire being is focused through his ability to perform at the highest level.

Top Athlete Women's - 2010s
Emma Kahle (USA)

Another in a long line of cross over womens athletes from the Great Northwest. Emma plays with power, energy, enthusiasm and confidence. A strong Ultimate and Overall player who shines in Freestyle.

Top Form Men’s – 2010s
Fabio Sanna (ITA)

As pure of a Freestyle stylist that has ever glued on nails. Fabio’s exquisite touch and elegant form is mesmerizing and beautiful to watch. 

Top Form Women's - 2010s
Maxine Mittempergher (ITA)

The formally trained Rhythmic Gymnast, Maxine has adapted quickly and efficiently to Freestyle jamming. When in motion she is a study of intense focus, using her long elegant lines and precise timing to full advantage.

Top International Men's Player - 2010s
Mehrdad Hosseinian (GER)

No Euro or International Jammer has soared as highly as Mehrdad "Graf Mordi" Hosseinian. In his short time jammer he has become a player for the ages. During the 2010's Graf won two FPA pairs titles and 4 Frisbeer titles. Look for more podium finishes from him in the near future.

Top International Women's Player - 2010s
Ilka Simon (GER)

Ilka Simon brings equal parts joy, athleticism and creativity to set her above all other international women players. During the 2010's Ilka won 2 FPA titles, 4 Frisbeers and 2 European Championships. And she continues to inspire those around her.

Top Men's Individual Performance - 2010s
James Wiseman (USA)
FPAW19 Seattle WA, USA

James' performance at the 2019 FPAW in Seattle was so profound it ranks right up there with Dave Schiller's performance at the 2005 FPAW in Seattle where he too went dropless for all three rounds. 

Top Women's Individual Performance - 2010's
Lisa Hunrichs (USA)
FPAW15 Karlsruhe GER

In what may be the highlight of Lisa’s illustrious career, she shredded from the very first throw of the Prelims through all of her finals. A clinic for the ages. 


Jambassador Award Men's - 2010s
Larry Imperiale (USA)

The legend of Larry "Laerbs" Imperiale grows and deepens. Last year he competed in his 36th FPA World Championship event. His list of partners over the years reads like a 'who's-who' of jamming greats. His early visits to Europe in the late 1990s created the critical connection between the aging Americans and the new generation of Euro-Shredders. And he's far from done!

Jambassador Award Women's -2010's
Char Powell (USA)

There is a purity to Char's game that defies description. Her game is has the fundamental foundation of the New York scene. But it also is strongly influenced by the Seattle Green Lake pass-and-go game. Her joy of play and infectious enthusiasm help bring new people to the game.

Most Turbo Men - 2010s
Freddy Finner (GER)

Super fit, athletic with an engine like a Porsche racing car. Freddie Finner is completely turbo charged and ready to jam deep in to the night. He’s also a great student of the game and can do virtually any move. 

Most Turbo Women's - 2010s
Bianca Strunz (GER)

Bianca has had a tremendous impact on Freestyle play and is just getting back into it after becoming a mother two years ago. Prior to becoming a Mom she was shredding with the best. Her game is highly athletic and dynamic with a strong delay and catching game. Look for her to return to form very shortly. 

Spirit of the Jam Award - 2010's
"Tall" Paul Mondesire

Gracious, articulate and full of the love of game. Tall Paul is one of a kind. He acts as one of the host of the All*Star Thursdays jam sessions in fabled New York City. His infectious joy of play is part of what makes that jam so great. 

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