Freestyle Disc Top Players

All-time greatest Freestyle Disc Players (The Decades Awards)

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Men's best player

 Joey Hudoklin

 “The Oracle” has no peer. He continues to inspire and amaze in his 5th decade of playing at the highest end of the sport.

Women's best player

Stacy McCarthy

Even though Stacy hasn’t competed in years, she set the bar so incredibly high that no one has come close to her. 

Most influential man

Larry “Laerbs” Imperiale

Larry’s influence on the current Euro and now Global wave of jammers is exceeded by the impact he made on the American players over his 40 plus years of jamming. 

Most influential woman

Mary Lowry

It’s impossible to imagine Freestyle without the remarkable Mary Lowry. Her joy of play and her positive mentoring of countless women players is nothing short of profound. 

Best Co-op team

The Coloradicals (Doug Branigan, Rick Castiglia and Bill Wright
While the ‘Rads’ run as the top Co-op team was fairly short lived, the way they played remains as the high standard of play for that division. 

Best Open Pairs team

Bayou Blasters (Deaton Mitchell and Jim Benson)

The Master Shredders from deep in the bayou and their run of dominance makes them the easy choice for greatest Open Pairs team of all time. 

Best Mixed team

Lisa Hunrichs and Matt Gauthier

Matt’s amazing athleticism paired with Lisa’s exquisite touch and great form elevated the Mixed game to new levels

Best Women's team

Stacy McCarthy (Anderson) and Carolyn Hubbard (Yabe)

Stacy and Carolyn’s 13 Major Women’s Pairs Titles may never be broken. They were completely dominant. 

Top International Men's player

Jan Ekman (SWE)

Jan’s impact as the foundation of international Freestyle is prolific. He created a platform for future generations to excel. 

Top International Women's players

Eleonora Imazio (ITA), Bianca Strunz (GER) and Ilka Simon (GER)

All three of these women have had a tremendous impact on the modern wave or international women’s play. 

Best Men's wind player

Tom Leitner

Tommy is the Grand Maestro of wind play. He is a powerful force of nature and an expression of perfection.

Best Women's wind player

Amy Schiller

Amy “Dude” Schiller’s superior athleticism, experience and drive make her the greatest Women’s wind player of all time. 

Best Men's form

Evan David

Evan’s play was the personification of Freestyle as an art-form. His balance, expression and variety created the template of playful expression. 

Spirit of the Jam - Men's

Jens Velasquez

The motor to the ‘V Bros’ engine was Jens Velasquez. There has never been a better ambassador of the sport. 

Spirit of the Jam - Women's

Bethany Sanchez

Bethany’s abilities and her joy of play continue to be a guiding light for us to follow. 

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